Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Art, Music and Culture in Uruguay

I found this great page listing arts and cultural events in Uruguay.

Stealing from their website, they say "even though (Uruguay) it is one of the smallest country in the Americas, (slightly smaller in size than Washington State), Uruguay has its own cinema, its own poetry, its own literature, its own culture, its own unique food, and in its way, its very own architecture. It is said that the Tango originated in Uruguay, not Argentina. Uruguay is unique in many ways. There is no nation in the world of similar size that is so culturally rich, and certainly no state. Uruguay's economy is characterized by an export-oriented agricultural sector, a well-educated work force, and high levels of social spending; hence it is not a very rich nation, but a highly educated nation. Its experiments with socialism have produced a decent society of wonderful people, but not a very productive society, except in the field of art. Sadly, the lack of sufficient industry pushes many young people abroad in search of jobs. They go abroad with excellent educations, which drains Uruguay of brains. The problems created by socialism, and the benefits created by socialism are clear for all to see. Many people in Uruguay turn to art; probably because they are intelligent, and there are no opportunties to use that intelligence in commerce. The bottom line is, that Uruguay is rich in art; perhaps, per capita, one of the richest in the world."

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